Mitsubishi OPB10N Order Picker

Key Specification

Advanced 360 Degree Electric Steering SystemOn board Diagnostics

Load capacity (kg) – 1000kg

Product Description

Driver Recognition
Walk-Based driving button on both sides
up/down button for forks
Adjustable seat backrest
Simplex mast 800mm
Dead mans pedal
Unlimited 360 degree electric steering
Rollers for fast battery change
Control Panel
Fault diagnostics
Model Load Capacity
OPBH10N 1000 kgs
OPBH10NH 1000 kgs

Further Information

The OPBLN features a rising platform that lifts the operator smoothly to the level required – with no need for climbing. Its free-ranging forks are ideal for handling bottom-boarded pallets.

The basic model, OPBL10N, will lift the platform to 1.15 m. The OPBL10NF has an additional lift facility which can raise the load by an extra 7.5 cm. The OPBL10NV is similar to the basic model but features an adjustable fork width, allowing the operator to place the forks in the perfect position for a variety of different pallets. All three models are highly manoeuvrable, thanks largely to their very tight turning radius (just 1.5 m) and responsive 360° steering.




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