Mitsubishi FB16-20(C)PN Electric Counter Balance

Key Specification

3 Wheel

Integrated Presence System

PIN code start-up

Load capacity (kg) – 1300 – 2000 kgs

Product Description

4 Wheel Chasis
48 Volt
 Front Wheel Drive
 Two 4.5 kWAX traction motors
 11.5 kWAC Hydraulic motor
 Audible back up alarm
 Sull Suspension Vinyl Seat
 Wet Disk Brakes
 Presense Detection System
 Tiltable Steering Column
 Manual Hydraulic Control
 Halogen Work Lights
 Din Battery Connector
 Pneaumatic Shaped Solid Tyres
Model Load Capacity
FB20PN 2000 kg
FB18PN  1800 kgs
FB18CPN  1800 kgs
 FB16CPN  1600 kgs
 FB16PN  1600 kgs

Further Information

Independent tests over 25 years show that ‘driveability’ is the single most important factor that improves forklift productivity. When that’s achieved, the operator is at one with the machine – without thinking. No surprises. Totally in control.

Mitsubishi EDiA EM is renowned for its driveability. Our designers ensure that everything feels intuitive and natural – and that distractions are eliminated. What’s more, it delivers top performance in its class, is built tough, superbly agile and boasts many industry-leading features. Its rugged four-wheel range is partnered with seven three-wheel models which are exceptionally agile in narrow aisles.


Meet EDiA, the extraordinary electric forklift truck range from Mitsubishi. Every model delivers the powerful, all-weather performance that you would expect from a diesel or gas truck… with the convenience and clean cost-effectiveness of an electric truck.

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