Forklift Refurbishments

We offer 3 levels of refurbishment for used forklifts, Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3. All are designed to bring your equipment back to optimum performance and reliability whilst keeping your budget in mind. We can provide refurbishment on either your existing equipment or on any used forklift you purchase from us.

What is covered?

Tier 3

  • Full Clean
  • Full Service and TE Inspection
  • Re-Paint body work

Tier 2

As per Tier 3 with

  • Clean/Repair Battery compartment
  • Replace parts as required to serviceable
  • Repaint Mast/forks/carriage

Tier 1

As per Tier 2 with:

  • Renew Chains/forks/Tyres
  • Replace Hydraulic Hoses if required
  • New Wheel/Mast Bearings
  • Check/replace drive motors
  • Full Re-Spray
  • Replace Mats/padal rubbers/battery box

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